At the center of each valley there runs a river…

It's About Time

Time only moves forward, consistently, persistently, without pause or compassion. Perhaps that is why the element of time in music is so essential. Although we musicians cannot control time, we can outline it, subdivide it, accentuate it. We soar over, under, through time. Music allows us to touch time and feel it.

In civilization, timing is relevance. The race to be first is the race to survive. At this moment we balance poised between striding forward and ceasing to move at all. All of us here on earth weave our lives through time. Each moment, though new, is deeply connected to past and future moments.

We choose to embrace this moment now, so, we pick up an instrument, grab onto the ceaseless pulse of existence, and go where it will take us.

Save the Date

Yes, it’s finally time!

Resonance Jazz will perform at the SFJAZZ Center on October 18th, 2014 at 8pm.

Stay tuned for details & ticket information.

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