nounnoun: inspiration, plural noun: inspirations

1.the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creativea sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea:”then I had an inspiration”synonyms: bright idea, revelation, flash, brainwave, brainstorm,

2.the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

Four composers, eight musicians, one recording: Inspirations is Resonance’s second release but this time, we’ve written all the music ourselves.  Perhaps you will hear the four very distinct voices of the composers in these offerings.

Among the many influences to listen for, there is of course the essential blues.   It turns up undisguised and powerful in Nancy Bien’s compositions Banana Bread, Smoke and Mirrors and Hot ‘n Crispy where the interplay between traditional jazz instruments and the strings gives the blues a new flavor.

Time is another element that Resonance explores.  Shifting meters and compound times show up in tunes such as Anoushka’s Story, Five Seasons, Evening Bloom and Green Glass Door.  While the pulse alludes to influences from music across the globe, the consistent pairing of winds with strings keeps the flavor as American as jazz itself.

Listeners who enjoyed our first recording will recognize the same sophistication of the overall sound of the ensemble. They will find humor in the lyrics of our one vocal tune, a nod to funk in another tune and even some programatic imagery in The Last Honeybee.  Melody driven and deeply listenable improvised solos tell stories throughout, because as ever, we are not afraid of beauty.

Beauty abounds in the whole recording, but those who appreciate it most will find Contact info, Waiting for Rain, Five Seasons and Valentine’s Waltz among their favorites.

Artistic experiences like this are so rare, it can be hard to name them with just one word.  We might have named our recording “Collaboration” or “Determination” but gladly, after about two years in the making,  Inspirations is here at last.

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