You’ve heard our music, played our CD or seen our performances, but do you really know Resonance? Here’s a little inside information.

Steve McQuarry leaderOur Piano Player & BandleaderStephen McQuarry  has performed with distinguished artists such as the late Dizzy Gillespie, Clare Fischer, Louie Bellson, Red Rodney (Charlie Parker), Tom Scott, the late John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa), Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock, Bob James), Bill Rich(Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Taj Mahal), and more.  When he’s not composing and recording on his indie label, Mandala Records and working on orchestration projects in the film community, he dreams you might someday find him on a pink sand beach with Sherre eating a conch salad.

Our Sax Player, Georgianna Krieger began playing saxophone at age 9 and just kept playing. She now teaches saxophone and is also a professional visual artist. Her sculptural works are on exhibition at Oakland’s Joyce Gordon Gallery now through April 26th 2014.  When she’s not playing saxophone, sculpting or parenting Georgianna dreams of summer and loose leaf tea.


Michelle Mastin - ViolaOur Viola PlayerMichelle Mastin branched out to join Resonance Jazz after performing with orchestras across the country. Besides Resonance Jazz, she is active with the Altair Trio and the California Pops Orchestra. In her spare time, wait, nope, she recently had a baby, no spare time!


Greg German - DrumsOur percussionistGreg German, has performed with groups that run the spectrum from pop to rock to latin to Brazilian to jazz in it’s many varieties.  As a Bay Area stalwart over the past 20 plus years, he has recorded dozens of CDs and continues to find new projects to lend his talents to.  Some of his latest projects include a CD with flutist Gerald Beckett, recordings with two Downbeat Award winning vocal jazz groups, and the Anne Sajdera Ensemble.  When Greg is away from his drums, you might find him searching across the globe for miniature animal figurines to add to his growing collection.

Our Violin Player, Michèle Walther, a native of Basel, Switzerland, performs in symphony orchestras and small classical, jazz, world music and tango groups.  She has recorded several CDs, and is a faculty member at the New Mozart School of Music in Palo Alto. On her day off you could track her down on the beautiful California coast watching for dolphins with her husband.

Nancy Bien - CelloOur Cello Player, Nancy Bien, directs her creative energy towards painting when she puts her cello down. If you have a chance to see some of her vibrant, expressive figure paintings you might be reminded of her cello playing.At home, she loves being able to spend time with her three nearly-adult children. They live together in a creaky old house that’s full of music and paintings, good food and strong coffee…”

Laura Austin Wiley - Flutes and VocalsOur Flute Player and VocalistLaura Austin Wiley, has recorded five musical cds, and one audio CD of her one-woman show Panic! which she wrote and performed at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, followed in 2013 by her show “Driven Bananas”, about having a driving phobia. When Laura isn’t singing or playing her flute, she is probably writing or drawing. Her music website is:

Ted Burik - BassOur Double Bass PlayerTed Burik, has performed jazz, blues, and  classical music for over 30 years in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area where he performs regularly withResonance, Milestones, a post-bop jazz quartet, and Hits n’Junk, a modern jazz guitar-based trio. He is also a founding member of Jumping the Shark, an original blues rock ensemble that has recently completed its first album, and The Days Between, a Bay Area jam band. Someday he’d like to have his very own home recording studio, and we’re all hoping he’ll invite us over to jam.

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