Where has Resonance been? For over a year, we’ve been diving deep into composing, arranging and recording our second release”: Inspirations.

This spring we recorded at Berkeley’s historic Fantasy Studios in studio D. With Steve at the “Bill Evans piano” and the lava rock walls that have absorbed so many great performances over the years surrounding us, we endeavored to capture a year’s worth of ideas, discoveries and inspirations.

For eight busy musicians who are always working on multiple projects this has been a rare opportunity to strive for truly artistic goals. Along the way, every kind of life experience, from great loss to joyful growth, has been affecting our members. So we dove deep in the hope that some of our personal struggles and triumphs will show up as a great passion for the music.

chapel-of-chimes-detailFor this Fall performance at The Chapel of the Chimes, we would like to present some of our new works and perhaps remember some of our favorite arrangements of standards as well.

Designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan, the Chimes is a jewel box of Moorish and Gothic design elements. The rich stonework, mosaics and stained glass are enhanced by the surprising natural light and living plants. We are so inspired to be performing at the Chapel of the Chimes here in Oakland, the town we call home.

— Georgianna


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