Double Bass

Ted Burik double bass

Ted grew up back east and moved to the west coast 25 years ago. He has performed jazz, blues, and classical music for over 30 years in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area. To best capture the deep sonic possibilities found in the bass, he focuses on performing modern and traditional jazz on both upright bass and electric fretted and fretless basses.

While in New York, he studied and performed with Rick Petrone, bassist with Maynard Ferguson’s big band, and has studied with Naim Satya in the Bay Area. In Seattle’s thriving jazz scene, he performed extensively with the Dave Anderson Quartet (Pony Boy Records), the Gilbert Garcia Group, and Black Lab Music.

Today, Ted is quite busy playing jazz in the Bay Area, performing regularly with Resonance and Milestones. He is also a founding member of Jumping the Shark, an original blues rock ensemble that is currently recording its first album. Someday he’d like to have his very own home recording studio, and we’re all hoping he’ll invite us over to jam.

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