Nancy Bien cello

Nancy is a bona fide California native: born in Hollywood, grew up in the central valley, and moved to the bay area as a teenager. She began taking piano lessons when she was 6 years old, was handed a cello three years later, and never looked back. After getting both a BA and an MA in music (performance), she played and taught on the east coast for a few years, but longed to return to the Pacific coast.

In an intensely impulsive minute one summer, she quit her full time symphony job so she could be free to move back to San Francisco. Poorer, but much happier, she quickly became an active freelancer throughout the greater Bay Area. Today she is the Assistant Principal Cellist of the Marin Symphony, first call cellist for the West Edge Opera (formerly Berkeley Opera), a member of the Berkeley Symphony, and performs with many other ensembles all over the Bay Area, including Resonance!

When Nancy puts the cello down, she directs her creative energy towards painting. If you have a chance to see some of her vibrant, expressive figure paintings you might be reminded of her cello playing. At home, she loves being able to spend time with her three nearly-adult children. They live together in a creaky old house that’s full of music and paintings, good food and strong coffee…

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